Monday, April 24, 2006

Been a while

It's been a while since my last blog, but for good reason. I mentioned before that I had submitted a screenplay to the Slamdance Screenplay Competition. That has kept me on pins and needles for a while. As if it isn't hard enough to wait to hear from a competition like this, something went wrong with my account and I wasn't receiving the info that I needed! After weeks of calling, e-mailing and "vibing" the people in charge of the festival, I discovered that I have made it past the first round of readings with high scores and am now a semi-finalist contender!

While that turned out to be good news, the not so good news is that my cat, Morgan, had to go to the kitty hospital for a bladder/kidney infection. She is eleven, which means that this may now be a chronic problem for her. She is on antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids. English: we were instructed on how to give an I.V. in her neck so that we can administer fluids beneath her skin. Not only is it hard to stick your own cat with a needle, but it is next to impossible to get her to put up with it. I just wanted to collect some good kitty vibes for her here:

(you can see from this blurry photo not only how cute she is, but how hard it is to get her to sit still!)