Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Light Years Before Dreaming

Each night when I lay down to sleep, I disturb the air with my bedding. I inadvertently send lint and dust particles flying through the air. I know this because I see them against the dark background of my wall in the intense beam of light that descends from my halogen ceiling lamp. These particles float and mingle in the air currents. Sometimes I watch them. They shine like stars. They are multiple colors. Some of them blink like pulsars; others only exist as a momentary flash- a micronova.

Perhaps our universe exists as the result of a cosmic settling down of sorts. Perhaps we are the last thought before dreaming. If we were to view ourselves from afar, we might look exactly like this micro-universe I am observing.

My curiosity gets the best of me. I reach out to try to touch one of these shimmering particles. Though I reach slowly, the particles react violently. They swirl around in this new air current. My gentle reach contains all the violence of a black hole. Of course, I cannot touch the particle I originally targeted. It has changed its course. I have lost it in this dust galaxy.

Something else happens. Suddenly, I can no longer see my stars. The reflection of the light’s beam off my hand is too intense. This bright light on such a large surface prevents me from seeing the complex galaxy that I just disturbed.

I realize that as humans, we do this all the time. We reach out with our curiosity and our egos as we constantly reflect upon ourselves. How beautiful would the universe appear if we could see it without blinding ourselves with our own existence?

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Other Cat

I posted a story about my "big cat," Morgan (who is feeling much better). My "little cat," Lyra is the one causing me heartache now. Despite my attempts at keeping her indoors, she's been running out almost every day. Several times, she has returned with various "gifts." I got her a bell, but that doesn't seem to help. Here's one reason why:

(she got up there by crawling up the wall and then THROUGH the house!)

I have buried several creatures, all of whom I've named: Rosy Bird, Teddy Bear, Sunshine, Gift...On a positive note, there have been a few survivors. I display them here for the ones who didn't survive:

Pheonix was an amazing case. A Yellow-Rumped Warbler who played dead and then flew from the ashes:

(free as a bird- animated by my neighbor, Nageva)


(again, animated by Nageva)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Phun with Photos

Do brothers and sisters ever grow up?

My brother, spinning with the slow shutter on:

Me, doing the same thing:

More slow shutter fun- Headless siblings:

Only sisters can see the demon sides of their little brothers:

Uh, touchee!