Monday, May 22, 2006

The Other Cat

I posted a story about my "big cat," Morgan (who is feeling much better). My "little cat," Lyra is the one causing me heartache now. Despite my attempts at keeping her indoors, she's been running out almost every day. Several times, she has returned with various "gifts." I got her a bell, but that doesn't seem to help. Here's one reason why:

(she got up there by crawling up the wall and then THROUGH the house!)

I have buried several creatures, all of whom I've named: Rosy Bird, Teddy Bear, Sunshine, Gift...On a positive note, there have been a few survivors. I display them here for the ones who didn't survive:

Pheonix was an amazing case. A Yellow-Rumped Warbler who played dead and then flew from the ashes:

(free as a bird- animated by my neighbor, Nageva)


(again, animated by Nageva)


Anonymous said...

I love the animations. Your neighbor must rock.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many millions of cats are running loose killing hundreds of millions of our native wildlife each year? When they're all gone will you miss them?
I'm just sayin'.

seadot said...

Who, the wildlife or the cats?

Dogs do the same (see my post about the deer and the car) and lack of natural predators (mountain lions, wolves, etc.) is causing starvation and overpopulation in heards of deer, and elk. Basically, we've fucked the whole planet up and thrown everything out of equilibrium. I think my little cat (who I saved from the shelter and is the only one in my house who actually hunts) is far less responsible than, oh, say, Microsoft or Apple, whose products I'm sure you were using to make this post...

I'm just sayin' (and thanks, as if I wasn't feeling guilty enough)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I made you feel guilty. I do believe you're trying to keep him in. Please do. A few animals here and a few there taken by millions of cats adds up.