Friday, October 28, 2005

Reflections from Projections

Snipped from my previous life as a projectionist:

I am the projectionist.
You may not know who I am.
My goal is to ensure that you do not know I exist.
Your voyage into the cinema is an illusion, broken only if I fail in my duties.

If I allow a scratch to dance down the center of the film frame, you will know me and curse me.
If the volume falls too low, or a frame line can be seen, you will know me and find me so that I might set it right.

I have sat in darkened rooms, guiding films with my aching hands as they wind through the projector, keeping the take-up reel silent and the images pristine.
I have unwound chaotic masses of curling film in silence while you regard your linear illusion in ignorance of its near-death experience.
I have detected the acrid vinegar scent of decaying acetate before the image has deteriorated- keeping beloved films from shifting red to the past and becoming forever lost.

Forgive me if, on occasion, I get lost in my own illusion and forget to initiate the changeover…

1 comment:

owen said...

But of course if I'm screening a film from filmmakers coop,
all scratched up and spliced up... Not that I'm complaining.
I'm thrilled to at least show these films.