Wednesday, October 25, 2006

News and "back-posted" blogs

Okay, I now have Internet access. Perahps even more than I would like!

I plan to "back-post" my trip. That means that I will change the dates on the post to reflect the actual date. Hopefully, this will not get too messy. I will give them each the title of the day of the vacation (i.e. "day one," "day two...") Stay tuned! There were some fun times!

I have finished (finally) putting together my DVDs! That means, if you have been on "the list" to receive one, fear not! Your disk is on its way! I plan to have them for sale on my site before too long. I really want to hit that Holiday season shopping frenzy (a DVD of hand painted films for Susan, a sountrack of buzzing sounds for Johnny)...

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