Friday, January 05, 2007

Okay! Enough snow, already!

I haven't been able to do much of anything lately. One week after the first snow, Boulder was hit with THREE new blizzards that left over one foot of ADDITIONAL snow. Snow is piled up in parking lots in hills so large you could ski down them (this is NOT an exaggeration- people are actually skiing and snowboarding down them).

Now we are being hit with yet ANOTHER storm! This one is expected to dump an additional 12-18" on Boulder (that's on top of the foot that was already there from these last storms). The University has been either closed early or closed entirely an unprecedented FIVE times in three weeks. Needless to say, the new job I started three weeks ago has been the easiest I've ever had...

The thrill is gone (no more snowrkeling), and now it's time for some quiet contemplation. Many of these images look better in a larger size. You can download large pics from my flickr page.

First of all, some fractals of nature:


Falling Snow:

And in the darkness:


jmac said...

Happy New Year, Seadot! These photos are so so so beautiful! Stay warm!

seadot said...

Thanks, jmac! So sorry to see that you and your blog broke up. I enjoyed reading it (but I completely understand the sense of time being sucked away)! Hope all is well. Enjoy your sunny weather out there!

Squish said...

I really love your moresnow+026.jpg, the one looking up. at the trees. Are those snowflakes I see on the lens?

sea dot said...

Ha- yes! Well, not quite snow flakes, but I was trying to capture the little melting ,powdery snowfalls from the trees (like in #s 20 and 23). Just when I had started to grow impatient, thwack! A huge pile of (heavy) snow fell on my head and the camera, thus ending my day of cold weather photography. At least it ended on a humerous note!