Friday, September 30, 2005

Sci-Fi Dream

My first dream post:

I "wake up" and find myself on a spacecraft surrounded by aliens. I get up and look around the ship. The room is somewhat circular and has two levels. I am on the lower level. I see other humans around me (on both levels). Two of the aliens approach me. I ask them why they keep taking me and what they want from me. They "tell" me (they don't really talk) that they just want to get to know us and they can only take certain people. As I begin to ask them why, there is some commotion on board. Everyone seems panicked. One of the beings tells me that I am about to find out why they take me.

They guide me over to a sort of window and I see a giant, reddish, electric-looking ribbon moving toward us. I glean bits of conversation around me and begin to understand that this is some sort of time disturbance. The ribbon gets closer and closer. Suddenly, it envelops us. I look at the other humans. Some of them, like me, just seem kind of stunned. However, many of them fall on the floor in pain- almost as if they are having a heart attack. We spend a few moments in this strange reality and then it is over. Everyone tries to help the people who were in pain. Someone explains to me (though I don't really see them) that most humans can't handle a shift in time like that and that's what makes me and some of the other people on board unique. They tell me to think of it this way: fish cannot survive out of the water. They need to pass water through their gills to keep their bodies functioning. Humans cannot survive out of their time reality. Our bodies require a sort of "rhythm" to keep functioning (heart beat, breath, etc.) Apparently, I (like some of the other people on board)am kind of like an amphibian- able to survive in both "environments!"

I don't remember too much after that. It's had me thinking, though- Were our fishy ancestors aware of life beyond the water? Probably not. There was no way for them to even probe beyond the ocean. Did any of them have dreams about being snatched out of the water? What kinds of existence aren't we aware of?

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