Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Am I?

Fifty points to the insomniac out there who recognizes and solves this equation:

It's an easy one ;)


Nurton said...

I'm not an insomniac and I have forgotten all the maths I ever knew but is the answer: 35438 ms-1 (to 5 s.f.)????

If not, let me say your blog is interesting. I like your mixed of careers, more people should do that rather than sticking with one thing.

seadot said...

Close! I think you just made an order of operations mistake:

First, the numerator:


Then, divide by 6.37x10^6


Then, take the square root:

=11200 m/s or 11.2km/sec (three sig figs- since you can't have more sig figs out than you put in)

That gives us (drum roll): The minimum speed an object without propulsion needs to have to move away indefinitely from the Earth (a.k.a. escape velocity).

I think you just saved the "inside" exponents for the end, which threw off the square root! ;)

BTW- The "brazilion" joke was my favorite of the week, too!

Thanks for responding!